A final warning.


I’m more or less writing this to get rid of that stupid picture they put in here.

I’ll give you a picture, you little…


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The Good, The Bad, and The Bethesda: The Successes and the Failures

Have you heard of the High Elves?


Being suddenly pressed for time, one can always pull from current events. As of November 2018 the topic on people’s minds is the disaster that is Fallout 76. Revealed earlier this year as a multiplayer Fallout game, it is pretty much a boneless MMORPG with card packs, no towns, very few NPCs and dragons for some reason. It’s buggy, there’s barely anything to do, and it didn’t take long for people to crash the server with three nukes. But what I find interesting is how we got to this point. It’s easy to nay-say or declare that this has been a long time coming, and while I am going to do that, I’m also going to look into why Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls and Fallout games succeeded beyond brand loyalty. Otherwise this whole discussion’s gonna be crisscrossing images like I’m on Twitter arguing with myself. So let’s do the same. Criss cross a good point and a bad point as we go along. I just feel like giving you all a case of whiplash today is all.

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Pokemon Colosseum and a Pokemon Hard Mode

And I don’t mean Nuzlocke. Get out of here Nuzlocke, I’m not going back to the island.

Look, it’s either this or we talk about how older games didn’t care about seizures

Just imagine that light swinging into the camera over and over again. Boom! Epilepsy.

Pokemon! The cultural icon about vaguely animal like beings with the powers of the elements being used for personal sport. Though I’m sure if they didn’t jump out of the grass and attack people, we wouldn’t have gotten the idea of having them becoming tools for conquest. Their fault really. Anyway, there have been many different ways Pokemon has allowed its fans to interact with it: Being a Pokemon Ranger, being a Pokemon, being Panel De Pon, Pikachu as a detective, Pikachu as an annoying infant that destroys your soup ingredients. But what about a Pokemon game set entirely in a desert where you have NO wild Pokemon? Because that is basically the idea behind Pokemon Colosseum.

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Show No Mercy: Why Old Mortal Kombat Games Have Stood The Test of Time.

Will Hsu Hao return? Probably not.

Let’s not beat around the bush too much on this one, because I’m writing this a little later than usual as a result of being really picky on topics at the last moment. So, Mortal Kombat.

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So, You’re An Irony Poisoned Wreck: The Need For Sincerity

*Wink hard enough to crush diamonds*

Jokes are funny, right? People remember jokes, they tell their friends when something is funny. You might be mistaken for thinking humor is an easy path to success, because even if it falls flat you’ve still got a smile on your face, right? Hate to burst your bubble, but wrong. Obviously. Just look at the lowest rated movies and shows of all time, most of them are going to be comedies because laughter is something that needs far less build up than most other emotions. Entire shows are made to be a series of skits unrelated to each other and even when they have relation they’re built on the ridiculous most of the time. Don’t have to worry about death scenes or important character moments because the punchline is what people remember. Besides, if you make a story with characters and world building it might be… CLICHE! Not Cliche! The word that you were probably shown in your teenage years when some new age cartoon was all about saying all that old stuff isn’t cool anymore. When I was a kid, almost every cartoon had no problem ribbing the days of Hannah Barbara or Loony Toons. There was the anvil from the sky as a punchline, the repeating backgrounds, The hunter/hunted dynamic that many cartoons adopted; nothing was safe, especially when there was such a variety of shows both grounded in reality, and incredibly out there in terms of logic. For a while, video games did this as well. Making fun of crates in games, exploding barrels, the tutorial character, the basic plots of the late 80’s games. It’s growing pains that show such ideas aren’t enough anymore. Back in the 60’s a large object smashing someone into a flat shape was kooky humor. Nowadays… It takes a bit more, but it’s not impossible to work with. But it makes sense for media to want more and like anything it’s expected to mock the past to a point for changing standards. That is until you realize that you’ve put so much humor and parody in your creation that you’ve forgotten to make anything of substance under it. Right now, I’m feeling this sense of insincerity from a lot of people. That they don’t want to be too serious out of fear that what they make would be mocked as cliche and the like. This means there’s a lot of comedy, and not enough funny bone to go around. Continue reading “So, You’re An Irony Poisoned Wreck: The Need For Sincerity”

Tazy Watches Steven Universe Season 2 Shorts

Ahem. So where was I? Season 3 right? Well… That’s a bit of a tough thing to run through. Turns out that between Seasons 2 and 3 there were 6 shorts that were made for plot explanations and a few small scenes that don’t add much. Given their nature and the fact that the episodes are short as they are… I’m going to just put my thoughts out rather than the usual breaking down of snark. In return,  I’ll go more in detail then I do usually with the end thoughts of an episode… at least I hope so. Some of these might just be nice scenes more for their own sake then anything meaningful. They’re perfectly allowed to exist.

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Dead or Alive 6 and the Mistakes of the Past

Crossover Costume DLC is available allowing me to be dressed up as all the Mission Impossible characters.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. A proverb of Italian origin that should be easy to discern. However, it’s harder to put into practice than you might think, and like all things, such proverbs are not something you should base your personality around. Sometimes it’s better to forgive and forget, or to let the elephant in the room see itself out. Can I use any more proverbs? Well, I promise I’m getting somewhere. Unfortunately, I have to speak of Dead or Alive as an outsider looking in, which means that I speak as someone that doesn’t fully understand what he’s talking about, but I’m nothing if I can’t play by ear, and I wouldn’t be wading into what I’m about to talk about if I wasn’t sure I could make something of substance. Dead or Alive 6 has been revealed recently and the director has been clear about his vision of taking the game away from the hyper sexualized reputation it’s gotten over the years, that the characters are going to be warriors first and not eye candy. Their reasoning, however, is… a little odd? Not that they’re in a changing industry or taking inspiration from American comic books, it’s the fact that they believe tournament players weren’t willing to play the game out of embarrassment? Which I am very much going to say isn’t why Dead or Alive 5 lost most of its player base. Definitely. Gotta put my life on the line for it. The problem with what I’m about to talk about is that for the first time on this website, I will be wading into ViDeO gAmE gEnDeR sTuDiEs, which is about as entertaining to discuss as hitting yourself in the head with a baseball bat helps your brain develop. But you can always leave so if you’re not doing that let’s talk about why Dead or Alive 5 didn’t succeed in the way it was desired. Continue reading “Dead or Alive 6 and the Mistakes of the Past”

Why I Hate Claymates: A Game By Interplay from like 1993

Because hate is a good emotion to write about, right?

When I was just a kid with a Super Nintendo, I had no understanding of what I liked or hated really. I played the same first world on each game I had over and over never getting any farther because the idea of saving my progress and continuing from where I left off was a concept foreign to me until I was a teenager, and even then I still didn’t beat many games. But I remember the first franchise I really got interested into. At least as far as video games are concerned. It wasn’t Donkey Kong, Mario, Sonic, or Street Fighter… it was a fighting game series made exclusive to the SNES and published by Interplay: Clayfighters.


It had a cast of goofy characters any small child could easily get hooked onto. I never ended up buying the game and I blame my really stupid child brain that never understood what he wanted until much later in life. I may have also subconsciously known that the games weren’t all that great and were always a few steps behind actual quality fighting games. Love is admitting that your significant other has faults sometimes. But I remember way back then that I saw a game called “Claymates” and I rented it from Blockbuster not knowing it was also made by Interplay. I guess I just assumed. But, I remember playing it once, getting to the second stage or so, dying in some pit with a venus fly trap in it and deciding that I wanted to play with my toys instead. Fast forward to a year ago when I decided to play some old games I had tried out long ago and see if I liked any of them. Deciding that Claymates would be short, I picked that one and, given this was Interplay on the SNES, I thought it would be… okay?

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