A final warning.


I’m more or less writing this to get rid of that stupid picture they put in here.

I’ll give you a picture, you little…


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Devil May Cry 2 And Nitpicking It’s Problems

Welcome to 2003. Have a seat in that 2003 chair and don’t think about why I have a 2003 chair.

So I’ve been playing through the Devil May Cry series on my way to getting the “gud” and as I sit here in the Weenie Hut Jr. I must confess that I have the same opinion as everyone else in terms of the first two games. I love Devil May Cry 1 from the gameplay, to the atmosphere and the little tricks they throw at you from stage to stage. It can be pretty goofy but I dare you to find a Playstation 1/early Playstation 2 era game that wasn’t goofy and isn’t Metal Gear Solid. GUESS WHAT YOU CAN’T.

Looks like I win this round.
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Mario and Rabbids: Sometimes Bad Ideas Work Out… Kingdom Battle

Maybe YOU’RE the bad one. Ever thought about that?

One is messy, the other’s clean.

One is nice but the other’s mean.

One is cool and the other’s not.

One will be eaten by an ocelot!

What kind of show is this?!

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Tazy Watches Steven Universe Season 2 (3/3)

Now that the move in is finished… let’s finish off Season 2, shall we?

Episode 19: When It Rains
– Uh oh, I remember the last time it rained on this show. Also, it pours.
– Technically, they didn’t destroy your stuff, so much as threw them into the ocean. They’re water proof, right?
– Hi, Steven.
– Sure you’re not gonna crack, Pearl?
– Pearl, were you gonna punch through that door? …I kinda wanna see that.
– How thin are the walls here that Peridot can hear Pearl say she’s harmless from that far away? Do Gems have super hearing?
– Stay classy, Garnet.
– Peridot continues to act like an animal and flips out over thunder.
– Does the Gem Homeworld not have weather?
– Can’t you at least retain information into your brain without your screen?
– Steven, your soup is evaporating, It’s time to take it off the stove.
– Steven. Your soup.
– He got wet fast. Also, Peridot has no reason to believe that she’ll be okay just because you are. You’re different species.
– Steven finds endless fun from running around in a circle.
– Technically, rain is always cold. So, I guess Steven would be right?
– *breathes in* Thank you.
– “I’m willing to share some information with you” “Aw, I know you used my toothbrush.” This shouldn’t make me laugh, but here we are.
– I know you trust Steven over the Gems, but all he can do is… Actually nevermind, he has like a sword and a shield now. He’s totally dependable at this point.
– Holding Steven’s hand?! I refuse! *runs back into bathroom*
– *star generates from eye*
– RIP Peridot and Steven. It takes the Gems three years to find their corpses.
– Actually, it doesn’t look that bad compared to last time, Steven. I guess the lighting changed.
– Now is not the time to learn about the birds and the bees. At the very least, Cartoon Network won’t allow it.
– Mom and Dad are expensive gemstones worth a lot on the gem market.
– How is that possible? Well, I’m assuming Greg had to get creative.
– Peridot has no time for Steven’s singing.
– Peridot is a wimp nerd confirmed.
– Seeing what that geogem thing was during Keeping It Together, I would really like to avoid the Cluster if I can…
– The Cluster will destroy the planet and also look like a yellow version of that thing that says “oh no” all the time.
– You’re going to do jack s**t from the bathroom. (Which is pretty much what anyone does in the bathroom).
– The Gem Mutants don’t look as bad as they were before. That’s good.
– I must wait until the two are out of the way before I attack. I don’t want to hurt them or anything.
– “Let’s run into this corner” “Oh no, we’re cornered!” Sounds like the editor is playing a dumb joke.
– You should have brought Lion with you, Steven. You’ve blundered again.
– Remember when I said these things weren’t disturbing anymore? I was naive.
– Here she comes at the speed of sound, Amethyst the Hedgehog.
– You need EVERYONE’S help to stop a world destroying monster. The Fantastic Four know that much.
– What’s with that look, Peridot?
– I have something to tell you about the Cluster- END SCENE!!

FINAL THOUGHTS: It’s an explanation episode pure and simple though they did get some characterization in there. Knowing what I do know there are things that I might be looking far too into at this point but it seems we’re centering on the Cluster plot now. We’ll see where we go from here at least. Solid episode and a good start to this plot.

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In Defense of Lives: Sonic Mania and The Initial Trend of Autosaves

Game Overs are good actually, says professional jerkoff.

When the console generation of the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii started there was a lot of new technology to take in. There were better graphics and online play became a standard due to the advancements made with Xbox Live. But what is most important to the current conversation is the end of Memory Cards, something the Xbox also pioneered but was not entirely accepted due to it hampering backwards compatability. Eventually, you just had to deal with it but with the system being able to handle everything on its own, including saving, that meant we could now autosave much more easily than before. The last generation started autosaves, but it was this generation that made it required for normal function of the system. But this also caused a lot of hard truths to bubble towards the surface. That includes confronting the issue of redoing progress and for a while lost progress was unacceptable.

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Tazy watches Steven Universe Season 2 (2/3)

Note to self, don’t take a huge break so you forget your place somewhere.

My bad.

Episode 10: Chille Tid
– Did the title maker have a stroke or…?
– Is this the sequel to Cheesburger Backpa- I’m sorry is Amethyst drowning Steven over there?!
– “I don’t get tired, I get results” Okay, Pearl. Let me know how that works out for you.
– RIP Steven.
– Seeing what the Jasper/Lapis fusion became I really wouldn’t go looking for them. But hey, I’m not a Gem so IGNORE ME!
– Steven Universe: Saved by life jackets.
– Steven is now a fish.
– You’re ten thousand light years from finding Jasper and Lapis!
– Darn! Light years doesn’t measure time… It measures distance!
– “Life diaper”? Pearl, I’d have thought you knew what a diaper was since… you know. Steven.
– “I don’t need a life jacket” says Garnet, “I make one with my own body!”
– Their anger will take over and destroy… what? Themselves? The world? These deals? What?!
– Wow! Steven falls asleep faster than I do!
– I’m fiiiiiiiine *falls asleep again*
– God, Pearl don’t be a bitch. You didn’t say anything when Garnet said Steven has to sleep.
– “Sleep is a curse, and yet a curse I need to live” -Great philosopher Steven Universe, 20whenever A.D.
– When this show goes for gross out humor it always takes me off guard. I’m not really used to it here? Probably better than having it in every episode *cough* …I have no examples in mind, just say King Star King and get it over with.
– Pearl sees no fun in Steven tossing pillows on the ground for a slumber party.
– I’M AL- Garnet, you can’t make everyone else relax but you. It’s a little disingenuous.
– Slumber companion on a plate… 1. Those are too small for anyone but you. 2. I doubt the gems need a stuffed toy to sleep. Then again, I’ve been wrong in the past so…
– Amethyst, master of sleep. She also falls asleep faster than I do.
– Steven Universe does not need to become a sitcom. Stop this.
– Steven’s wearing a suit and sandals. 1/10 or 100. Also, why is Pearl on her knees?
– Complete with audience laughing over everything that happens! *canned laughter*
– Angakowa? *canned laughter*
– And so Pearl and Amethyst disappear into the abyss. *canned laughter*
– *Actual laughter* *canned laughter with screams of adoration* WHAT’S WITH THOSE EYES?!?!
– URGH! CHILLE TID WAS A CATCH PHRASE!! *canned laughter*
– That’s not Connie. *canned laughter*
– You’re gonna get dehydrated if you keep that up.
– Dreams aren’t always boring, Steven. I’ve had a few roller coaster dreams myself. Not that they make sense either, but my point stands.
– Steven was right. Dreams are so boring everyone fell asleep.
– Is Dogcopter just brown now?
– Meow.
– I’m sorry. What rumors about Dopcopter?
– This happening twice in a row can only mean that they’re all being mentally connected at this moment for some reason. …Wait, I may have seen what’s about to happen.
– Awwww… I feel a little bad for Pearl now. But wait, that means they aren’t connected. Just Steven and Lapis. Or maybe not! WHO KNOWS!
– Pizza?!!?! I thought she hated human food.
– THIS DREAM IS NOW A NIGHTMARE!!! Also Pearl x Greg it’s happening now.
– It needs to be a mixed up movie otherwise Pearl seeing Greg spit out a pizza slice is I M P O R T A N T!
– But you guys saw her embarrassing dream. I guess that might help you get bored of it quicker?
– LUCID DREAMING! Don’t forget to reward yourself when you wake up, Steven.
– Chille Tid!
– IT’S J-J-J-J-J-J- Wait, first it’s Lapis then Jasper.
– This Slumber Party has been anything but relaxing.
– Garnet also sleeps faster than I do.

FINAL THOUGHTS: O…kay. This was very weird and by all accounts it was an interesting take on… more or less introducing Malachite without having to be face to face with her. I know she’ll show up again but for the moment it’s upping the stakes pretty nicely. Steven cares about Lapis but she still has her own issues to deal with. For now, I’m excited. I have an idea of what happens but not how or why and I’ll just have to see. Continue reading “Tazy watches Steven Universe Season 2 (2/3)”

Tazy watches Steven Universe Season 2 (1/3)


So. I watched Season 1 and really liked it. Most of the episodes outside of a couple were great and it made me want to watch more. So… let’s watch more! You first!

…Oh, wait. That’s not how this works.

I’m going to “liveblog” my feelings on an episode as I watch it then give my immediate thoughts. Then I’ll rank them all from best to worst. It’s not a definitive list so much as my thoughts on them though so I could very well have a case of the “bad taste tm” But I hope you like these regardless.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I know about a lot of the really important story points in the series and certain characters so if you were looking forward to my reaction to Jasper coming back… don’t. Also Jasper comes back. OH NO.

Episode 1: Full Disclosure
– …You did that on purpose, didn’t you?
– I will be honest. If Jenocide didn’t tell me this is where Season 2 starts I’d be surprised by the lack of a time skip.
– Green fire everywhere. Also, I don’t see how this could have gone better seeing how you got whupped during round 1.
– Even Lion is affectionate!
– Where’s Lion going…?
– I forget. Did Steven have a black eye at the end of Season 1? I don’t… remember.
– “They totally stomped us.” I know I just said you got stomped, but you should have started with them being defeated for your dad’s sake.
– Poor Greg. I don’t think his eyes can get any bigger. Wait nevermind.
– I severely doubt “Homeworld” consists of three gems and a hand.
– Greg gets horrible crippling stress like the rest of us. Also, hahahahahaha.
– The Big Donut is destroyed? Nope. Nothing is fine. It’s terrible. All terrible.
– This… is gonna hard to explain. Also, wouldn’t quite be Steven Universe without the comma eyes.
– Just realizing this story is probably gonna be about Steven needing to explain what happened and not wanting to stress people out. Which… Yeah. That’s gonna be difficult.
– I think I saw this scene muted.
– Of course Renaldo didn’t f**king leave. I bet he saw everything.
– This cliff is only for those woke enough to bear the burden of the Sneeple.
– There goes Renaldo with his terrible advice.
– I’m pretty sure Connie already knows about them being superheroes- wait. Are you telling Steven to cut all ties with everyone?
– And there he goes.
– Oh song okay.
– Oh, and it goes with the ringtone. Nice!
– Steven is not photogenic at all. :tongue:
– Recap of the last two episodes.
– So, now I remember that he had that black eye for a while now. Whoops! That’s what happens when you wait this long.
– Answers call, but no one says anything.
– I don’t know the name of the song but it’s pretty good. Gets the point across well enough.
– Ow. Ooo. Steven. You caught me off guard with that sudden sharp edge there. I’m not bleeding, but it’s a surprise.
– Didn’t you have a fence with barbed wire when Greg showed up the first time? Wait, no you didn’t. He climbed over it. Never mind.
– How many times did she offer to be the crocodile?!
– What the f**k. This sounds so tryhard I can’t take it seriously.
– Finally someone other than Steven notices.
– This is gonna get awkward, isn’t it?
– So desperate to avoid Connie he’ll literally leave the house. Don’t you have a teleporter to go hide somewhere with?
– Well that worked for all of one minute.
– He could have hid in those cells and probably not get spotted.
– Oh no… Are they gonna break up? Is the series gonna really do this?
– Oh that’s right. She has no friends. S**t.
– Steven. No.
– Well that lasted for all of fifteen seconds.
– Cut to black so he can explain everything.
– Hopefully whatever this stupid thing is doesn’t take all the water from the ocean.
– How did you fix your car, Greg?
– Shot of everything going back to normal. Yay!

FINAL THOUGHTS: I can see why they started back here now that I’ve seen what the episode is about. Steven isn’t really that good at brooding but maybe that was the point? I still worried about him and Connie and I was totally ready for them to end it there if that means anything? Though the fact that this episode could have gone either way works in my opinion. It shows that they put this idea ahead of the usual season structure, regardless of what it should or shouldn’t have been. Continue reading “Tazy watches Steven Universe Season 2 (1/3)”

Tazy watches Steven Universe Season 1 (5/5)

So apparently I was wrong and this one is going to be longer than the rest.

My bad. However, we’ll still see how it goes.


Episode 41: Horror Club
-Starting this episode off on the right foot with a scare chord. Right on!
– What is with the skull in Lars’s ear hole?
– If Renaldo is throwing a scary movie party then I better see some “Sneeple” in there.
– “I was making fun of Renaldo before but now that Sadie is going I’m going to change my mind.” Poor Lars, getting dragged into Steven’s shenanigans.
– Are you sure you locked that, Lars?
– Of course it’s his secret base on top of the mountain. Scare Chord.
– When did he get the scarecrows?
– He’s the Phantom of the Opera with Werewolf hands. Just… gonna process that for a second.
– That mask was made of like glass or some weird paper mache?
– Wondering if there’s some history between Lars and Renaldo or if it’s just their personalities clashing. Guess we’ll find out.
– “You’re friends with Lars?” “Yeah! Isn’t everybody?” Steven, you tried to get Lars fired from his job because you wanted it.
– You’re pretty much condemned to either horror films or devil worship with a name like Demonzini.
– I don’t see the “Barely Alive” part on that box, Renaldo. You made that up.
– Lars is just going to criticize every movie Renaldo brings out, isn’t he?
– Renaldo Fryguy: Evil Bear 2 Purist.
– …Was Lars a bully…?
– “I can handle it.” Proceed to show Steven not handling it.
– Renaldo. You’re not helping anybody by saying it was a ghost.
– Of course his attempt to contact ghosts is working… or it’s the wind, though unless that thing is wafer thin it shouldn’t… Okay, nevermind!
– THE GHOST HATES LARS. CONFIRMED. Also, Renaldo likes the ghost for hating Lars.
– The f*%k?! Is this real ghosts now?!
– Not only is it a real life haunted house, it’s now a real life barrel minigame from Street Fighter 2 and 4
– All these cups have brown liquid in them… *smug smile* That’s right. I’m insinuating it’s Hot Chocolate poo
– Ghost does its own door repair. Thanks ghost- It’s probably that rock Renaldo had and it’s a gem. Calling it now.
– Sadie is pretty good at taking charge. Like charging a gem monster. She’s good at that.
– Lars is jealous. Hahahahahahaha.
– Nothing is real. We are all manifestations of reality that don’t have spirits!
– Oh, so that’s why he had scarecrows. Got it.
– This ghost REALLY hates Lars.
– Get out and here’s a couple bats for the road!
– …Poltergeist is a synonym for ghost… Oh, okay. At least you’re explaining your weird theories.
– They’re attracted to the emotionally disturbed? Then why aren’t they attacking Steven? Wait, weren’t they attacking Steven earlier?!
– “Dink”?
– “Sadie! You’re not an idiot!” Hahahahahahaha.
– Lars, you’re losing it. Calm down. What do you think is going to happen…? *worried glance*
– O_O …Rest in peace, Sadie.
– Oh so it was the red lighting down here. Got it.
– Ste…ven? What are you doing?
– First mouth!
– Remember that one time Renaldo tried to kill Lars? Because he’s totally killing Lars right now.
– Sorry. Cartoon Network won’t let you see Steven activate his bubble because that mouth is a little too human.
– Great adaptation of the High Priestess fight.
– Called it. Gem. Though not the rock Renaldo had. I was half right.
– Oh… It remembers Renaldo and Lars.
– Wow. I’m surprised what broke their friendship was technically both their faults. Then again, maybe I shouldn’t be.
– Uh oh. Steven maybe you shouldn’t have let Renaldo see that…

FINAL THOUGHTS: Was not expecting history between Lars and Renaldo… though it probably makes sense, yeah? They’re around the same age. It seems this is the new standard for episodes now. Glad to see it’s just getting better and better. Of course, we still have more ground to cover, right? Continue reading “Tazy watches Steven Universe Season 1 (5/5)”