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I’m more or less writing this to get rid of that stupid picture they put in here.

I’ll give you a picture, you little…


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There’s The Plot! There It Is!: What Makes An Open World Compelling?

Here’s a Santa Claus shaped key. Go find the keyhole!


I sort of have nothing for this month? It’s more than a little unprofessional, but… well it’s also not a professional site I’m on so…

Deadpool game discussion?

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Hey Everyone, I Beat Link To The Past So Let’s Talk About It 20+ Years Too Late.

It’s a game called Zelda and it’s really rad. These ionizing burns are really bad.

When I was six years old, I got a Super Nintendo from my uncle along with a few games he wanted nothing to do with anymore because he had his own system with his own games. What I got included Super Mario World, WWE Raw, Taz-mania, some golf game, and like…. Riddick Bowe Boxing? I had fun with Riddick Bowe Boxing, but that’s only because I was a dumb child that got bored watching Flubber but not s**t like this. But I remember that on the box there was a list of games that you could play and there was stuff like Super Metroid and Link to the Past. However, I was a dumb kid that forgot all of those games and decided Spider-Man games that kicked you in the dick repeatedly were more worth my time. This gave me more of an affinity for niche titles, but in the end… I never got to play the must have titles for the system. At all. Recently, I’ve been working towards fixing a lot of this thanks to digital purchasing, local used game stores and Amazon… and, you know, totally legal means. In this way, I managed to beat Link to the Past and it’s this game I want to sort of do a more long form article on. If you want my immediate thoughts on the game, well that’s here if you actually care about it. Long story short, I loved it. Not really rocking the boat, but what do you expect, really? Made in 1993, Link to the Past improves on the formula of the original NES Zelda in all ways from a technical standpoint and goes further by creating its own unique mechanics. Basically, it’s everything a sequel should aim for and I’m going to explain a few things that make it work beyond what you might expect. Continue reading “Hey Everyone, I Beat Link To The Past So Let’s Talk About It 20+ Years Too Late.”

You Make It Then: Having Your Fanbase Create Content For You.


Making anything is HARD. Not only do you have to come up with every minute detail from scratch but it might not work the way you want it to and you may never ever fix it in a million years. Even if it does work out, the people at large may just reject it wholeheartedly. Worse of all, they’ll all have some idea of how they could have totally made your game better than you did. If ONLY they had the resources and manpower to do what you did but better. They have all the good ideas while you are the video game equivalent of Uwe Boll with none of the German tax loops. One night you have enough and shout at someone trying to give advice on your love life: “YOU MAKE IT THEN IF YOU’RE SO SMART”. Then you realize that the subject was completely different and as a result your friend makes fun of you forever because you told him to go make his own relationship somehow. It’s very embarrassing. Your wife’s son also hears about this gaffe widening the rift that began when you started calling him “your wife’s son” and not “Jacob”.

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Box Art and Some Neat Little Details on Them

*punches through a priceless work of art as he walks into the room*

So, I’m bored and you’re probably mad about something at this point. You probably have a bill coming up soon and here’s your reminder that you have a family member you’ll never see again because they’re dead. Haha. Now that I’ve wound you up it’s timeĀ for some whiplash as we appreciate some fine artwork.

Mmm, look at it. Has that real college art student laying down naked in fake blood aesthetic.

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Five Video Game Villains and How They Work

The big enemy is approaching at full throttle! According to the data, is it identified as “ARTICLE”

So, I’m feeling more like writing something positive this month. I’ve seen one too many “Top 10 WORST”s that it made me creatively miserable. That’s not what people get into media, because it’s stupid or bad. That’s the wrong attitude to go into. So instead of being like that, I’m going to right the ship and sail to bluer waters. And by that I mean the title above.

Villains are the easiest to analyze because while other characters can have their moments and become our favorites, villains are made to be complete even in the worst stories. They are fallible, capable of mistakes and if done well they might even be more memorable than the main character at times as you understand them inside and out, from beginning to end in one nice arc. Yes, along the way you understand all the other characters in the story but a villain is on the other side. You see them negatively compared to everyone else regardless of the situation and the way these characters are handled requires a more in-depth knowledge of the art forms to figure out what’s under the surface.

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Where Is My Dice Bag?: Seeing What Makes Dungeons and Dragons Fun

P.S. Monopoly is still a bad game.

Welcome to the end of the year! We made it! HOORAY!! Let’s not talk about video games this month because I have something more… interesting to talk about. And by that I mean the role playing games played with dice and math equations.

I mean, if you WANT me to dive into something like Persona 4 discourse you’re gonna have to give me monetary compensation for when someone inevitably hexes my womb barren in anger.
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Games I’ve Completed 10: I N T O T H E V O I D

Has anyone seen my games? I know I left them around somewhere…

Persona 4
There is a problem that I’m going to have giving my thoughts on this and that it’s taken me years to beat this. I blame constant hardships in my life that kept pulling me away and new things to concentrate on combined with seeing someone else beat it cleaner than I did. I used a guide the whole time and even then I screwed it all up so I didn’t even get all the party members’ social links completed, but I believe it’s not the point to get it right the first time. I’ll keep from skipping ahead. Persona 4 centers on the Grey Haired teen moving to Inaba as a result of his parents not being around. He moves in with his police officer uncle and niece to start the year at Yasogami High. But it’s not long before some murders take place and you get wrapped up in the rumor of the Midnight Channel and the world behind it all. In practice, it’s a turn based RPG split in two pieces. One is a dungeon crawler while the other is something of an after school simulator. Together, they play off one another to build a solid experience and you can play however you want. While all your party members have a set persona, or skill set, YOU can have multiple skill sets and you can get new ones from battle, or fusion. The best way to get fusion is by forging bonds with party members and random NPCs thereby strengthening them and yourself. In turn this will make Dungeons easier and they are no joke. A LARGE part of this game is some form of trial and error where you guess what spells and abilities work on what enemies and bosses and not only is reloading a must, but using your time wisely is also important if you want 100%. In fact, it’s best to play Persona 4 multiple times as you figure out how to best take on these challenges. But I’m not doing that, as I’ve already wasted years letting this rot and it’s time to move on. But that’s my problem as Persona 4 is a must have game for anyone into RPGs. I promise it doesn’t take years to beat. Pinky swear. Continue reading “Games I’ve Completed 10: I N T O T H E V O I D”