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Alright. So.

Hey! I can do this now!

If you’re reading this, then congratulations. I guess. There was a time where this was my refuge from a tunneled out VGF Blog web page with my plan being to shift onto a new website called Writscrib as Tumblr sucked and still does. WELL… Writscrib shut down and Tumblr would probably say I’m inappropriate for advertisers. So… this is pretty much my permanent residence barring some shiny new website showing up.

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AM2R and the popularity of ROM Hacks

Remember the Gym Leaders of Kanto? Well now they all have Gen 7 Pokemon. Go Wimpod!

(Credit to PC Denjin for this gif)

Encroaching into some serious “STFU” territory here, but for a lack of topics on my mind has brought this idea. ROMhacks are not necessarily fan game projects exclusively, but generally they are modifications of an existing game, using the mechanics and structure to make something as unique as it can be. Sometimes its changes in graphics, sounds, or text but in other cases it can be a complete change of the game itself. Basically, imagine an expansion pack made by fans of the game. A Super Mario Galaxy 2 made by fans of the game, to put it in simple terms. Naturally, the legality of such endeavors depends on who owns the original work and their stance can change entirely on what is convenient at this particular moment. However, I am decidedly pro-ROMhack and I have no problem taking that stance to my grave if so desired. However, I’m not going to be the one that gets someone in trouble, so while I am playing a ROMhack that brought me to this topic (a Super Mario World hack called JUMP 1/2), I put Another Metroid 2 Remake in the title for the sake of what little protection I could offer.

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YIIK and Silent Hill Homecoming: The Postmodernist Viewpoint

That’s a YIIKs from me, fam.

Image taken from @TheLordOfLard on Twitter

This image is a quote from the director of YIIK: A Postmodern RPG. Andrew Allanson’s passion project centered in rural America during the late 90’s focusing on Alex Eggerton’s return to his home town where he comes across a strange dimension filled with monsters, gains new friends, and deals with the hi-jinx that ensue as a result. You probably don’t need me to say this as you can kind of infer it from the quote, but it didn’t do so well critically. It was lambasted, torn to shreds, and despite the team behind it believing this game would pull turn based RPGs into the future, most saw it as a list of what not to do. However, the picture is only part of it. The quote is a little out of context and isn’t made entirely out of malice. Andrew’s reasoning is that people want flawed characters but only to a degree that saving the world justifies who they are. His influences for this main character is supposedly taken from authors like Chuck Palahniuk, the author of Fight Club and Invisible Monsters and Haruki Murakami who made works like 1Q84 and The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles.

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Character Design and Personal Taste

I know it doesn’t SOUND like video games, but work with me here.

Man, I knew I forgot to do something.

So, last month I made a post on Mortal Kombat’s character design process. However, I totally forgot part of it, and since deleting and rewriting that thing to be even longer would be more laziness than usual I’m going to expand what I’ve wanted to say and put more into it. I pointed this out in that previous blog post, but discussing the ideas behind character design is practically impossible with just about anyone. No one wants to point out how a character’s use of one weapon or another or use of outfit speaks to their character. It’s sex appeal or nothing. Either it’s a cult-like chant to demand Jax dress in a burqa at all times, or they begin humping Kratos from God of War, drooling and obsessing over their sexual fantasies with that character. I’m only kind of joking with these comparisons. Kind of.

These pixels… they are nipple pixels. The horror.
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The Leaking Faucet: Mortal Kombat and Character Design

Looking BEYOND the six ninjas. I’m not grasping for straws.

Generally, your pipes should last around ten years. That’s the ideal, that’s what is expected. If we were diligent and did not care for the consequences of repair, they would be replaced immediately the second trouble starts. But we don’t live in that world; We live in a world where pipes are behind tile, rock, drywall, and are connected all over your house. To change out all your pipes would arguably be harder than tearing down your entire house and starting over from scratch. You can’t even do minor repairs because depending on the age of your plumbing, one small repair may cause another pipe to get damaged resulting in even more replacements. But if you leave them alone, you may one day get a leak. Do you fix it and run the risk of damaging all of your pipes, or do you put tape on it and hope it never pops up as an issue again? This is the problem that faces Netherrealm Studios even as it is set to release Mortal Kombat 11. With every iteration, they take steps to improve their motion capture, make adjustments to gameplay, and provide enough modes for everyone to enjoy. Netherrealm, as a studio, is really good at what it does. But the leaky pipes are not being replaced, they are getting patched. So, allow me to borrow a line from the Sonic fanbase and apply it here: Netherrealm’s staff, and by extension Midway before they shut down, were never good at designing characters.

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IF I CAN’T BE THE BEST: Multiplayer Games And How They Fail

You just lost ALL your money! You just lost ALL of your money.

When you make eight multiplayer games made to be monitized over the course of a decade and they all fail.

Have I talked about this before? Well, it’s either this or games that I can’t really space out a single article on. So let’s talk about multiplayer games. They’re all the rage, or at least they kind of are? It’s not really a new trend but it’s one that developers keep shooting for. It’s easy to see why: Since everything is better with friends, that means a great game will be even better. Hell, people have played TF2 for years and I don’t think anything substantial’s come out in half a decade… don’t hold me to that statement though. Overwatch, Fortnite, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Last Year, The Culling, game after game all made to have multiple people playing them. And yet, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but most of the recent multiplayer releases have missed their expectations. Why is that? I have no actual evidence. I’m just gonna muse for a few pages like I always do.

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Games I’ve Completed 11: So, I’ve Bought More Games Recently

It would be a problem if I actually acknowledged it as one.

Awareness Rooms
Bought this and completed it in one day so as to offset that poison status on my Backloggery. I am not poisoned, you little… I got this entirely because of the intrigue that came with being utterly unaware of your surroundings and having to look around at first before you can actually understand what you’re looking at. However, in practice it is surprisingly short. That doesn’t mean you’re not going to be tested though, especially in the later rooms. Don’t expect a story though, as it’s not the focus. What is are the mindbending puzzles requiring a bit of lateral thinking. This resulted in me overthinking a solution in the final room and thinking there was no hint to it. But don’t lose hope! Awareness Room should be completed without any guide as it’s entirely possible. It’s cheap and if you like puzzle games it’s good for just about anybody. Don’t be afraid to put it down and come back if you need to though. Sometimes awareness won’t come until much later.
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